Youth Church

A core part of Manifest Church is the youth ministry and a core part of our youth ministry is the bible study. Presenting the Bible in a way that is interesting and appealing to youth is a main focus for church youth leaders. The Youth Church holds in Allen 1 hall every Sunday (except for Thanksgiving Service) when they are encouraged to join the main service, allowing the opportunity to participate and learn how we praise, pray and worship.

Our youth ministry consists of teenagers from age 12 to 19 years old. As a growing church, our teenagers are giving the opportunity to develop in all church life (Media, Music, Sound, Graphic Design, Photography, Drama, Editorial etc).  Children and youth ministry are at the heart of Manifest Church and we do everything possible to provide the right atmosphere for them to flourish.

Join Our Youth Church

Sunday 11am -12:30pm

Venue: Best Western Hotel, Allen 1 Hall

Our topics for discussions apply to youth issues like peer pressure, music, friends, entertainment, social media, etc.


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