Nehemiah Project


We graciously invite you to build with us as we embark on a journey to create a more befitting place of worship for the glory of our Lord. The vision that the Lord has given us concerning the building is that it will serve purpose beyond just a place of worship. The building will become a base for unique ministries to the community, as well as a Christian resource centre.

We believe that this building has a role in the revival of Manchester and United Kingdom as a whole. The building will serve to support and enhance family and societal cohesion. The building will be used for Youth Clubs, Children Club, Food Bank, Café, Community meeting points, Meetings and Conference hall.


For Solomon’s temple project, in addition to David’s provision, the Lord moved others to support Solomon. Solomon sent an appeal to Hiram King of Tyre for help (2Chro. 2:1-16).

We therefore appeal to you to join us and support this great project. We seek to raise £300,000 as an initial deposit.

Will you join us?

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